Weekly Mini-Review: Scoop (2006)

Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and Woody Allen in Scoop

Story: A perky, young girl-reporter tracks down a Zodiac-centered serial killer in jolly old England with the help of a nebbishy magician.

Review: This is really one of Woody Allen’s few very cute movies. Scarlett Johansson does a perfect pushy, cute reporter. Hugh Jackman (until a certain point) seems to have fallen straight out of a Jane Austen novel as the male romantic lead. Allen does his usual good job playing a slightly modified version of himself. Well written and acted, good visual design.

Recommended for: people who like the cheesy little one-off mystery flickers made by the ton in the 1930s-40s (e.g., Danger Ahead, The Kennel Murder Case), and people who like good romantic comedies (e.g., I.Q., Heart and Souls).

Content Notes: (PG) – I don’t remember anything particularly shocking in this movie.(spoilers) Certain characters do kinda meet a mythological ferryman of the dead, but even that’s pretty silly.

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